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Our Space Journey

Cyberspace With Us

HaloPSA of Tampa is Cyberspace

Following comprehensive discussions, agreements and structuring discussions, Cyberspace partners with HaloPSA in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Florida in early stages to lead as a TSP.

Banking Partnership

Cyberspace partner up with Monzo United States & United Kingdom Operations to deliver our services.

Cyberspace IT attending IT Expo Announcement

Lee Strachan announces attendance to IT Expo Fort Lauderdale, Florida to continue growing the Image for Cyberspace IT US in March 2024.

TronAI Announcement

TronAI is announced at GloWebinar. TronAI embodies the next frontier of intelligent solutions, designed to elevate your experience and exceed expectations. From seamless automation to unprecedented insights, get ready to witness a new era of possibilities.

Welcome to Brickell Key West, Miami!

Cyberspace IT opens it Limited Liability Corporation in Miami, Florida following hard work from Team Cyber for 12 weeks resulting to the opening of Brickell Key West, Miami, United States.

Roadmap Plan for Expansion to Florida, US

Roadmap planned for expansion to Florida as Cyberspace IT decides to go International for 2023 Summer.

Opening our GSOC “Security Operations Centre”

GSOC opens it doors ins Paul Street, with the grand-launch of our Security division with support towards the on-going cyber security drive within the UK delivering 24/7 365 Support to all partners and new partners.

Welcome to Paul Street!

Paul Street receives grand opening on Level 3, City in London in time for Christmas celebrating next milestone achievement for Cyberspace IT.

Successful 2022 Year

A very successful year of 2022, receiving multiple awards of new partners in Healthcare, Legal & Construction Industry enabling the further development of Paul Street, London base in the City of London to meet demand.

Team Cyberspace is born

Team Cyberspace begins to form, with 7 Engineers and a Marketing Executive based in our Leigh-on-Sea Office.

Limited it becomes…

Cyberspace IT registers away from Partnership to Limited with holdings being born, following the department of Paul Strachan.

AI Map & Technical Scope

First concept for AI service for Cyberspace IT is delivered by Lee Strachan in early days of vision launching a AI Agent for partners.

Microsoft Silver… then Gold

Cyberspace IT takes two steps forward in to Silver and Gold Tier Partner Support & Reseller CSP Status with Microsoft for United Kingdom.

Further Expansion of Services

Cyberspace IT expands its service offering in Business CCTV, Access Control & Office Relocation Services.

Brand & Website Launch

Launch of the new website as it stands today, (with more nuts and bolts of course) and the new image of Cyberspace is released being the all famous "C" revolutionising the future for the business.

Acquisition of Private Funded Hospital in Mill Hill, London

Cyberspace IT establishes providing IT services and support to Private Healthcare provider in Mill Hill, London under the name of Ellern Mede Group with one mission to revamp and take the groups IT infrastructure services in to the 21st Century.

Departure of Paul Strachan

Paul Strachan, departs Global Technologies in 2017 to go on separate business ventures in Business Banking leading to going to work in the management structure of Revolut.

Return of Lee Strachan

President Lee Strachan returns to business to revamp and plan roadmap for continued growth.

Career Break for Lee Strachan

Lee Strachan takes career break from business to recoup, spend time with family and go on life-long dream trips.

Milestone Achievement of becoming Microsoft Partners

Partnership Bronze is on the horizon, Milestone achievement of becoming official partners with Microsoft.